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The Underground | MARTIAL

Pandemia Webzine
The Martial is a sub-genre born at the beginning of the ’90 as one of the post-industrial development. The main goal of this music is to represent the atmosphere of war, that can vary from the Roman Empire legion to the II World War. It is difficult to define a...

PTP | Oltreluna

Pandemia Webzine
There is something extremely fascinating in the second LP of the Italian ambient black metal band Progenie Terrestre Pura (in English: Pure Terrestrial Progeny): the unexpected contamination of opposites. In fact, even if PTP were already into a melodic and dreamy black metal heavily inspired by Sci-Fi worlds, in this...
Labels The Discoveries serie

Discoveries | DIO DRONE

Pandemia Webzine
Dio Drone is an Italian underground label with a very peculiar name. The label, infact, remembers a blaspheme way to called God, and in a catholic country like this is extremely rude and anti-social pronounce something even similar in a public place. However, Dio Drone is not afraid to show...


Pandemia Webzine
Dear Music Lovers, Welcome to the first post of Pandemia. In this snowing and windy night, I would like to write few words to introduce the project and to congratulate with you to start this wonderful adventure into a new music dimension. Pandemia support the language of creativity. The idea...