Pandemia continues its journey to discover new music and new artists. Finally, almost after 2 years the second volume of its compilation is born, focusing on the glittering world of synthwave.

I have been struggling to find a new genre to make a compilation about. The struggle was not related to the difficulty of finding something interesting (there are too way many interesting things related to music out there) but it was more about how to gathered enough artists to make an album. Synthwave is becoming pretty trendy in the last period, which helped me to dig into a world that was submerged for a long time.

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Synthwave is a subgenre of electronic music that takes inspiration from the 80s atmosphere, music, and movies. It becomes to become popular thanks to movies like Tron: Legacy and TV Series like Stranger Things, and in the last decade a lot of musicians decided to shift and experiment with it, creating phaenomena like Mega Drive and The Midnight.

Here is the compilation of some of the interesting artists of this genre. You can hear them below, or download the compilation by clicking the link:

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The compilation is made of six songs from different artists:


DreamReaper | Renegade


The first track of our Pandemia compilation is from DreamReaper, the moniker of the American artist Troy Dierke. I like this song because, even if it starts in a darkish mode, it becomes soon energetic and explosive. Troy also owns and releases its own music in his label Casual Encounters.

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Sellorekt / LA Dreams| Impossible

I used to recall movies like Miami Vice when I listen to Impossible, from SelloRekt/LA Dreams. This song is funky, synthy, fancy! Kevin M. is a Californian musician that you can hear even in well-known series like Amazon's Red Oaks and HBO's Vice Principals.

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Isidor| Neon Owl

With Isidor, we are shifting to a darker atmosphere, with a more wild and rockish song. The Serbian Isidor Bobinec is a musician (and trumpeter) with a list of 11 albums in his moniker's name. Neon Owl comes by from his full-length Lord or Synth (2019) that talks about dystopic earth in which genetic engineering creates a new race: the transhuman.

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Popcorn Kid| The Journey

Popcorn Kid is a persona of Nikhil Narayan, an Indian musician from Bangalore, India. In this effervescent atmosphere, Nikhil introduces us to light and shiny pieces. You can find the rest of this prolific production on Bandcamp.

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Dhastron| Stars of Hope

Quite energetic also Stars of Hope by Dhastron - the artistic name of the Brazilian artist Daniel Hestermann. Epic and vibrant, the song reminds me of some of the scenes in which the female wrestlers of the GLOW tv series used to fight against each other.

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Lombardo Desde Que Te Conocì

Last but not least Pandemia presents Lombardo,  created by the Venezuelan Eduardo Esteves. Introspective, emotional, and fascinating, the song is interestingly sung by a female voice in Spanish. Vocals are not something that you find often in synthwave production, however, this creates a warm and lustful atmosphere.

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I hope you enjoy this compilation. If you want to know more about the artists, you can use the link I put on the page. For any other comment, please to

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