As I said multiple times, Pandemia supports independent music. When I started this website, I promised myself that the most important goal I wanted to reach was to give a platform to amazing realities in music that struggle to have visibility. Especially for this reason, Pandemia will publish a series of compilations, taking the best sounds from the most hidden corners of Internet and bring them to light.

Let’s introduce then Vol.1: Post Rock. You can find here a lot of cool artists coming from all around the world, performing the finest post rock of our period. There are quite underground, however is better not to loose them from our personal music here

The compilation is made by 10 songs from different artists. Here are presented:

Soonago | Chronos

Let’s start with something quite new. Soonago is a band from West Germany, not afraid to crawl into a deep flickering guitar in this dreamily melancholic Chronos. High quality produced, the song spread a quite deep rage into a void atmosphere that creates a quite interesting dynamism. A little bit more distortion would help to pitch the crescendo of the song, but the 4-combo ramp up with a nice closure.

Chronos is part of the first EP Nephele, release in January 2017. The band consciously decided to renounce to any vocals or synth to enrich their music, believing that  a more classical scheme would fit better their music purposes.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Website

Dwaninungka | I Believe


Let’s move in a complete different place: from Europe to Asia, from an old cold land to a place full of magic promises. Erdi David solo project Dwaninungka is so charming and emotional that worth a complete listening before saying anything. Extremely talented to build this enveloping melodies, he is not afraid to draw arabesque on sparkling notes throughtout the entire composition.

Building Storyline – 2nd album of the project – as a majestic journey into emotions, Dwaninungka tells what is not pronounceable, not communicable with words.

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False Horizon | Solitude

As an intermezzo of our compilation, Solitude cannot be better: the Iranian project False Horizon can literally make you tingling during the opening of this magnificent track. For Moein Roshan, the author of this ethereal music, Solitude appeared in a dream; not too difficult to understand, since the atmosphere is so intimate and the sounds seem to belong to another dimension.

Solitude is a track of Transition first release of the project – that will be enriched by female voice in the upcoming album currently in progress.

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Oh Hiroshima | Drones

It is a kind of relief that sounds through the notes of Drones, made by the Swedish band Oh Hiroshima. Extremely powerful and creative, Drones shows one of the multiple faces of Post-Rock: even so beautifully calm, the genre is capable of extreme strong emotions.

Drones comes from the last available full-length of the band, In Silence We Yearn, but it will be followed shortly by a new release in 2019. In this album the songs become more mature and following a specific style, however each track gives its contribution to the solid sound of the band.

 Bandcamp | Facebook | Website

Nanaki | The Days Go By

I always appreciate songs that change their atmosphere during while they are played. That is why I really like The Days Go By of Nanaki, a project from Isle of Man. The intro quite, soft and dreamy is going to raise in an atmosphere of liberation and victory. The emotion that gives me is actually the winning of a fight, an introspective war that finally turn to a gained inner peace. A fresh view of the Post Rock sound, enriched by a different variety of instruments, to make the overall work more intriguing.

The Days Go By was released together with Decline & Dislocation in April, and is 5th album of the solo project of Michael Daugherty.

 Bandcamp | Facebook | Spotify | Transmission of Static

This Greek band just shout their rage since the beginning, and this is the thing that really hits about them: the energy and the roughness of their sound. It succeeds to balance its soul, creating a mosaic of different impressions, mixing different styles quite easily. The combo is not bounded to any standard, and even if post influence are quite visible, they don’t leave aside flashes of nu metal and punk rythms.

Transmission of Static is a track of Earths Collide, 3rd work of the project. The band is now working on  their second LP.

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Empty Yard Experiment | The Blue Eyes Of A Dog

Empty Yard Experiment are probably the band that most difficultly fit into the compilation, however with their The Blue Eyes of A Dog they assure the continuity in this Post Rock flow. With their harsh classic grunge mix with soft/ethereal influences, the band from Dubai is giving to the listeners something not heard before. This track in particular is emotional in its two parts and it rises in a dramatic intensity towards the end.

The Blue Eyes of a Dog was released together with Kallisti in 2014. A newest single, The Passage, is available on Bandcamp.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Dawnlit | We Are Creating It, We Are Conjuring It

An explosion of dynamic guitars is the business card of Dawnlit. Their first track has so many ideas and it evolves quite rapidly from a style to another. It is simple thou, but effective and addictive, that makes you easily handbanging, which probably looks like pretty strange for postrockers…

Dawnlit, that defines itself the nicest metal band you will ever meet, is at the 5th release with this True North, where We Are Creating It, We Are Conjuring It belongs.

Molecules to Minds | From Eternity to Here

Complete change of atmosphere with the Australian Molecules to Minds. A thin layer of sounds brings us towards the song; something so evanescent and dreamy, something so powerful and energetic. Almost shining, the piece can be easily associated with the aura of spirituality of the (also funny) cover of the album.

From Eternity to Here is the last track of the first EP Ascent Into Insignificance, released in July 2017. The next EP, Species of Amnesia, will be released at the end of 2018.

Cats Never Die | Care

Care seems perfect to close the first volume of the Pandemia compilation. So light, sweet and full of hope. It doesn’t disappoint except for the fact that is too short to be tasted enough. The mix between post rock and soft rock makes a sort of warming atmosphere around the song; the use of the fade in and out gives a sense of pleasant surprise between one musical idea and the other.

Cats Never Die is a solo project of Denis Gubin, that describes it as lullabies of my inner darkness. Care is the first track of Morphine, last release of a quite broad production.

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All songs belong to respective artists.

This compilation was possible thanks to Massimo Tedeschi (copyright photo) and Anush Shah.

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