Dear Music Lovers,

Welcome to the first post of Pandemia. In this snowing and windy night, I would like to write few words to introduce the project and to congratulate with you to start this wonderful adventure into a new music dimension.

Pandemia is the need of developing a music culture.

The idea of Pandemia was born last year, after months of struggling and frustration. It is every time more and more difficult to develop a decent music culture and, even more important, to find a cool artists to support. Internet has somehow made everything easier and more difficult at the same time; marketing and media (old and new) strongly push us on what THEY want to hear. What to do then?

Pandemia support the language of creativity.

I spent most of my life gravitating around music, even if I decided not to jump in this crazy crazy world. I studied how to play, I did on stage, I helped beyond it and finally I started to write about it. The result was to accumulate tons of notions and facts that I feel I would like to share with a worldwide community. This not just to develop my ego (eheh) but to find connections with a growing community of music lovers that feel the same needs as me. The ultimate goal is to connect all different realities, above the roles, the genres and the location, and concept and support the language of creativity.

Pandemia is genres-free (in music, and beyond…)

I (and my team) strongly believe that music is fascinating in all its shapes. Even if we are from the metal scene, our tastes comprehend everything that it was well written and well thought. From noise to classica, from kawaii pop to industrial… if something is cool, it’s worthy to mention it in our website.

Pandemia is international and social.

As I wrote before, the goal is to spread and share good music. Everyone is welcome to give advises, comments, thoughts, …. We strongly support discussions on our platform, and we believe we can have a strong and passionate community around us.

Pandemia is the new way to write about music.

We write about quality and we don’t follow big venues or big labels, but does not mean we will not support some of the one that deserves.
We experiment new topics and new way to share ideas or concepts.
We are open to criticism and feedback oriented. Means we have our opinions, but we would like to listen yours.

Pandemia lives in the respect of all the human beings.
Pandemia does not tolerate any form of discrimination.
Every type of political propaganda will be put down.

We are happy to start the new year with this experience. During this adventure I will have the talented V. at my side, to support me with media and graphics. I believe we are a cool duo, however we would like to have other great people on board. If you are interested to join,  please write us a message. We will be back to you.

That’s all for now. Pandemia is officially online! To celebrate the launch of our webzine, we created this compilation for you. Without border, to share passion.

With love,

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