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I have been not writing for such a long time. I thought “during this pandemic time and various lockdowns I will have enough time to focus on this website”, instead. So many things happened and – I need to be honest – motivation was quite low. However, you just need an album to come back to the origin. You just need an album to feel the urge to write – or to share what you think. At least this one of the reasons why I set up this website: to share sounds that I believe are needed to be shared.

So I stumble into the last album of Oranssi Pazuzu, Mestarin Kynsi. Do you know that Pazuzu is a Babylon demon? I automatically find interest in a band when they come up with a name that doesn’t contain words like “blood”, “death” or “black”, especially if it is a black metal band.

But Oranssi Pazuzu is not just a black metal band. Those guys play psychedelic black metal. For someone like me, that doesn’t listen often to black metal, was quite a discovery. I mean, black metal is screaming voices, triggers, and despair, right? Actually there are so many variations right now – so many new bands that brought the black metal concept to another level – that the period of the Trve Norwegian Black Metal is an old memory (and it is – if we think that the first bands were born 30 years ago…).

Anyway, psychedelic black metal. This is another thing that I discovered today. Pick up a dark sound, loop its melodies, and make it in crescendo and diminuendo creating precious dynamism: this is the strength of Mestarin Kynsi. The album itself evolves in different ways, all connected in this shamanic aura so peculiar in this project. Every song has its own characteristics and evolution, however, it develops the same idea along the way: create this obscure and visionary multi-verse space.

Mestarin Kynsi is dosing melodic rhythms and “black” atmosphere in the right quantities, and this makes me consider it one of the best albums I have listened to so far in 2020.


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