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Well, since Brexit was announced, I thought it would be better to use my EU freedom to visit England before it becomes an isolated island in the ocean. I decided then to fly there and see how English make festivals, checking Radar and, the week after, ArcTangent.

In particular, those guys are so nice to welcome me as a REAL journalist, that is something I really appreciate (I mean, the fact that someone is nice to me. I know I can’t call Pandemia a real online magazine, since it is now a bunch of things that I like and collect, but I will try to do my best to cover it).

So, what is ArcTangent? It is one of the cool place to be between 15th and 17th August in Europe, of course. The festival is taken place in Fernhill Farm not so far from Bristol, and it counts 61 bans in 3 days and 5 stages.

For the 2019 editions, Coheed and Cambria, Battles and Meshuggah are headliners, together with Russian Circles, Cult of Luna, Zeal and Ardor, Caspian, The Ocean, Toska and many more.

For more information, check the website. Here below the official playlist of the event:


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