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After a quite short Friday a rich weekend started. I managed to arrive around 3 at Het Patronaat to see Turia, and of course arriving just when the show begins is not a good idea. I had to spend 30 min in the cold (with little bit of snow) before I got into the venue



I saw Turia last year in Little Devil (another venue in Tilburg, specialized in black metal mostly), and I was positively impressed by them. As I mentioned in the previous post, I listen black metal but I get quite bored unless the idea behind the project is different than the standard I am used to. One thing I like about the band is the female screaming, that I find more fascinating due to the pitch; but also the intensity that the band radiates. I must say their concert looks like a ritual, which can tell you a lot about the performance.



The second band in my personal schedule is Sumac, but I got disappointed when I arrived at 013. One of the two corridors next to the Main Stage is closed because of the crowd, and in the other people are so packed that going inside the room is not an option. I decided then to walk to the Koepelhal, to take a coffee and to wait for Mourne.

At the Koepelhal I tried the Koffie & Koek, a cute bar made inside a train wagon. Even if their philosophy of using bio products is something I quite like, I did not enjoy the coffee so much (but I am Italian, and I always say that each coffee I take beyond the Alps tastes like dirty water, so…).

With my warm drink in the hand I started wandering inside the building, finally having time to check the painting exhibitions by Marissa Nadler and Emma Ruth Rundle, as I mentioned in the live report of the first day. I also gave a sight to the Full Bleed area, where the Roadburn poster artists could show and sell their own products.

I believe that the success of the Roadburn is based on two main pillars: one is – of course – the captivating mix of underground and cool music, while the second one is the astonishing graphic design. Not for anything the festival t-shirts tend to finish quite early, almost the first day of the event!

But let’s come back to the program.



Morne is an American band hailing from Boston, that plays a damned atmospheric doom metal. I enjoyed their concert, the music was nice fresh air, but I found them not really involving the public. Basically: nice to listen in the car or while chilling at home, a little bit less to see on stage.



After dinner I went back to Koepelhal to see Glerakur, that became my personal best band in this edition.

Let’s start with the stage: imagine my surprise to see three guitars, two basses and two drums. Normally, when I see this kind of non-standard band compositions I immediately think that the project is shit. You know, apparently a lot of ‘musicians’ think that if you have something eccentric in clothes, stage effects the music doesn’t need to be special. But this is a different story for Glerakur.

I personally love ambient and post rock. It is difficult to state which one I love the most, however I can tell that in this case there is no point to make comparison. The band is a right mix of the two genres, with an hint of melancholia in the songs that makes everything….perfect?

Sadness and wonder are the words that give the immediate feedback of the band, and together with the visuals made the performance great.



After this concert I was bored of the station area (Koepelhal and Hall of Fame were previously train storage buildings) and I came back to Main Stage. I gave a quick look to Sleep (main event of this Roadburn 2019) and as the same speed I went away. Not because the band was not good, but simply because I didn’t find anything more interested than the average stoner sludge metal. Considering the age, they probably invented the genre, that is the reason why so many people are fulfilling the Main Stage in 013, but I am more interested in new sonority.

I think that this is the Koepelhal edition for me, since most of the bands I decided to see played there. Last band of the night (for me) was Agrimonia, a swedish-black-female-fronted metal band. Nice to hear (also, I love extreme female fronted bands, I think it is obvious) but nothing special to record, except for the energetic and funny singer.

I gave up the night after them because of the unsustainable situation at the moment. Indeed Saturday is the day that has the highest participants at the festival, as you can imagine (headliners, weekend night, etc.). This brings problems in the classic venues, considering the small capacity of the 013 and Het Patronaat. I reached a moment in which I was trying to figure out which band it was more convenient to see, instead of to choose respect to what I wanted to listen, which made me kind of angry against the festival and made me take the decision to go home.

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