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I know I should take vacation when I decide to follow a festival as the Roadburn. As I admitted in the previous post, it was a matter of luck I go the ticket, then it was too late to call holiday. The result was that on Friday I arrived even later than on Thursday. What did I have the chance to see then?


From the train station I directly start to walk to the Koepelhal, the biggest venue of the Roadburn, to see Pijn, a sort of angry post-metal band. I was too late to spend some time to other concerts in the classic venues (take in account the time you need to queue) but to early to just sit in the Koepelhal and get bored. I decided then to quickly go and see Svalbard in the Hall of Fame, the fifht venue placed next to the skate park. Still, I was not enough in time to have a good spot there, so don’t ask me how the musicians looked like. I can tell you that the person was screaming was a girl, that’s all. For the rest, it was something that I normally define post-punk, quite atmospheric and good for me for maximum 20 minutes.

Lingua Ignota

When I was going out from the Hall of Fame, I noticed that something was happening at the skate park. I still don’t know if it was scheduled or it was a sort of secret show, but for me it was completely a surprise to see Lingua Ignota again, this little girl (that for me look a little bit like Lady Gaga without make up) try to connect her keyboard a the amplifiers when kids are skating around her. I waited for her performance, and finally I got the chance to see her (I finally had a nice spot) singing in a microphone with a light hanged on it. Well, in a completely dark room makes its effect, but after a couple of songs I left: it was the same set of the day before.

Drab Majesty

I have been interested to Synth Pop lately. ( I hope I can release the compilation soon in the year, but you already see my productivity level). For this reason I put on my to do list  Drab Majesty, an American duo which a quite peculiar apparence.

This is the year of Marriages apparently: on Thursday I saw Emma Ruth Rundle play in her solo project (and exhibit her art) and on Friday was the turn of the drummer, and its electonics with a touch of 80s atmosphere. I did not have the chance to live this decade, however I have the feeling that the white wigs and the crazy glasses come exactly from that period.


The last band of the day was for me L’Acephale, that is not an ritual French band, but a more complex American black metal project. The band doesn’t hit me particularly: the music they play has quite of variey but there is nothing that can shock me or make them remind me in the future. I am pretty peaky with black metal, not because is my favorite genre. It is because for me is all much the same that I struggle to find new interesting proposals: to be captivating they must have something that really differentiate from the other projecs in the panorama.

Click here to see Day 1

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