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Classical music was always a mystery for me. Maybe is because I never learnt the basic rules, maybe because is something we are not used to listen to anymore. However, when I approach contemporary classic music (or something that for me seems like it), I am always intrigued and fascinated. It is quite interesting to hear a project like zero23 releasing such mosaic of electronica and cello music as in Songs of the Eternal Dump.

The title of the album has a double meaning: from one side it refers to the society as a whole, where the eternal dump represents human dynamics and contemporary society; on the other side, it refers to the sound, since both the electronics and guitars are intentionally made into a scratchy, dirty sound.

What really catch my ear is the designed presence of silence – not just between the tracks but also with a meaning in itself. Every note, every noise seems to have a specific space in the time frame of a track, that is elaborated deeply in the artist’s mind. Sounds can be seen asĀ  brush strokes on canvas, to create a piece of Informal art.

Broken Souls is the track I like the most, since it blend magnificently loops and melody. It is something that keeps me awake and vigilant, but at the same time it sends me in catatonic mode.

It is interesting to discover the different facets of this complex music: it seems like the seeking of the unrevealed.

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