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Photo by Euroblast. All credits belong to the respective photographers.

Almost one week passed, and I will try to put some of the ideas are going through my mind related to Euroblast, the best progressive/technical indoor festival in Europe. This year was the second time I went to Essigfabrik and I decided to leave the experience in full, staying there three days. The overall impression that I had – besides the music – is that the place seemed more a big gathering of old friends, and not because people knew each others – some of them for sure – but because the atmosphere was so warm that looks like you are going to meet the family that you were not seeing for some time.

This was really a nice edition, with a beautiful weather that gave us time to enjoy the outside spaces and socialize, a relaxed atmosphere and the possibility to hang out with some of band members, that were possible to see around the stage exit. Another good point is definitely the nice line up was organized for the 2018 edition. As I wrote in this post, Monuments were again headliner for one of the 3 days, and there is no true Euroblast if no Monuments, Textures or TesseracT are there. And thank god we had them, since there are just few singers that can lead the stage and the crowd as Chris Barretto. I don’t really know where he finds such energy that guy, seriously. People can just look at him and fell in love because of his charisma and vocal talent. Not just a singer, but also a showman.


Photo by Andre Symann

It was also nice to see again our friends VOLA, that seems are going to conquer the hearts of the progressive community all around the world. Those guys are really promoting themselves in the best way as possible, giving their music the attention it deserves; I realized it when I saw how the public knew them very well even if their presence was not so massive on social and concerts (but they chose a group of nice festivals to show up,¬†as the Complexity in Haarlem and the TechFest in Newark). Or Caligula’s Horse, that has different type of charm when you see them indoor respect into the sun of Barcelona at the Be Prog! My Friend, but still they maintain their peculiar epic aura.


Photo by Marvin Ruppert

But if I need to talk about my discoveries, I need to talk about two German bands: Long Distance Calling, a prog/post rock band from the region that inflamed the end of the festival with their instrumental vibrations, and Lake Cisco, about I liked a lot its ethereal and kind of romantic atmosphere explosive melodies.


Photo by Heiner Bach

For the rest, many good bands run on the two stages, from the funky style of Sordid Pink to the tech black-death of Humanity’s Last Breath, making enough variety during the day and keep the interest high. A good location, an interesting line up and amazing people: Euroblast didn’t betrayed us also this year.

Click on the image to find the playlist of the line up for 2018:


Leave a comment below about your favorite moment at the festival. Everyone was there this year probably heard the battle cry of ‘Cookie dough’ at least 10 times per day, and is probably one of the funniest moment I had, especially the last day in which people were so tired to hear it that they buy it. What about you?

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