The Underground | NEW DEATH

In a world in which all new genres are popping up every day, as a result of mixing and experimenting, is somehow nice to know that there are still bands that are following the good old way and play some “classic” stuffs. Here is a selection of new death metal bands that give a fresh air of despair and putrefaction….

BVDUB | Earthless

First thing I thought about Brock Van Wey was how dreadful is his look, and at the same time how nice and calm was the photo picturing him and his white cat. A strange combination of feelings, especially when I am about to listen Heartless in its full length after a while – after I saw the face of this artist. Broke – a.k.a BVDUB – is a first time raver, an American DJ devoted to ambient and deep house music.


Heartless is a full length from 2017 released under an independent music label based in Oakland, California, called n5MD. The main characteristics that hit me when I discovered this masterpiece is how amazingly fresh and luminous are the 8 tracks listed here. An image of calm paradise full of snow and sun is picturing in front of my eyes during the listening.

Soft piano notes are mixed with ethereal female and male voices, natural sounds and echoed vibration, entwined to reach a dreamy climax that vanished smoothly in the silence at the end every piece. Each song is named with a -less word (Faceless, Limitless, and so on) which is kind of powerful idea (as the non-limitation of mind, body and soul), which it bounds quite good with the impression of extreme peace recurrent on the all project.

Heartless is an album to listen with the heart, more that with ears. Its composition makes minds to rest and bodies to heal. A great ambient masterpiece.