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For me is strange to see a bunch of girls going on stage not caring so much about their appearances and make the crowd “judge” them just for the music, but during these years I was positively shocked about three of them, that I have seen in different stages and different contexts, showing that they can impact more with their real essence respect to a formal super-structure that the normal female singers tend to have.

The first that I saw was in 2016 in Czech Republic, the American Chelsea Wolfe that, at the time, was touring Europe. After it was Esther Shaw from Wrekmeister Harmonies and Caro Tanghe from Oathbreaker, a little bit later.

These girls don’t have so much in common in the music they play nor in the singing style they use, however I felt to put them together under a certain light, since all three have this amazing charm, this obscure and ethereal power to show their humanity and divinity at the same time.

chelsea wolfe

Daughter of a country musician, Chelsea Wolfe is a songwriter and a singer that started her career in 2006 (even if she was going into recording studios and experimenting since she was 9). She plays these drone-rock-depressive songs to “overcome anxiety”. She usually plays wearing total black kind of dresses that don’t reveal any shape of her body. Chelsea prefers recording albums instead of going on-stage (something that she defined “overwhelming” in the past and now that she is used to do it, affirm she is not really good at) but when it goes on she doesn’t let her fans down. Her last album – the 7th – was release last year:

Hiss Spun is heavily connected to her anxiety and sleeping problems. It is a connection to her past, something that just turned out since she moved quite close to the place in which she leaved as a child.


The thing I really appreciate about this amazing musician the times I have seen her is how beautifully and carefully she prepares herself to perform. How serious and calm is every movement she does in order to prepare her material, how she doesn’t waste any drop of energy to do what she has to do to be ready to play. Besides this, Esther Shaw is a great performer and extremely versatile; in 2016 she joined JR Robinson’s Wrekmeister Harmonies with the release of Light Falls, and since then she extensively travels and performs all around the world while owning a roasting business in Oregon.

She devoted her life to music, especially during her childhood and teenage time, growing her musical background into classical sounds and compositions; her heritage is obvious in the way she performs, as I said before, but even if she shows a kind of delicacy during shows she also communicates an enormous obscure energy.

The last release of Wrekmeister Harmonies, Alone Rush, is a concentrate of dark matter.


caro tanghe

The thing I like the most of Caro Tanghe is how down-to-earth and at the same time how dramatic is in every taken picture or in every concert she performs. She doesn’t do anything to appear at the center of the attention (no fancy clothes, no strange hair colors), however, the energy she radiates is so powerful that everyone around her can feel it. Not for nothing her band Oathbreaker received such a warming welcome when they started to tour with Rheia, in 2016.

Visual designer in her real life, Caro is not afraid to show herself as she is, with screaming or simply declaim in acoustic. Her style remember sometimes the one that Björk owns, however her black metal rage is something unique and valuable.

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