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If we talk about the Roadburn, there is soooo much to say. The venue, the entire line up, the concept, and also, the food, the facilities and the Netherlands in general… I have heard a girl saying that Friday ticket were completely sold out and is not difficult to imagine that also the other days had the same result, considering the amount of people everywhere, from the Hall of Fame/Koepelhal to the bar street next to Cul de Sac and the 013 buildings. The weather helped a lot (we had 30° on Thursday, and 4 sunny days in a row, something quite special here) and I am pretty much sure that the profit largely increased due to the raise of the sold drinks .

But we are not here to discuss about the profit of the organization, are we? In fact, now that is over, let just go through the music we discovered there, keeping it in our Spotify account to listen during difficult times. For who was not there, a nice playlist was made by the curator of the festival, but in this post I would like to give the selection of the bands I mostly liked during these four days: one band per day.

P.s. headliners are intentionally left out.

Thursday | Ex Eye


Photo by Niels Vinck

It is quite difficult to define the genre of this band, and their music is difficult to approach as well, I must say. Not because the listeners expecially in the Roadburn are not open minded – is actually the opposite – but because the mind cannot relate this sound to any other sonority already released. The specialty of this project has fascinated many in the super-crowded public of the Green Room (the smallest stage of 013).


Friday | Minami Deutsch


Photo by Susana  Martins

I came back to the Green Room the day after to have a look of the Psychedelic Japanese rock band Minami Deutsch. They were quite shy to talk to the public, however their music was catchy and cathartic and obtained a quite positive result.


Saturday | Greenmachine


Photo by Paul Verhagen

For the special occasion of the Roaburn festival the grindcore-punk band Greenmachine decided to bring their album D.A.M.N. on the stage. However, after a brief announcement (something like “Now D.A.M.N is finished. Stop.”) they brought to long distance fans something to dream about.


Sunday | Wrekmeister Harmonies


Photo by Paul Verhagen

I love the atmosphere of Wrekmeister Harmonies. The use of the instrument, combined with the thoughtful lyrics and the disturbing videos projected on the wall while they play, made their performance something unique and impressive. It is a pity that they were put as opening band of the day in the Patronaat.

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