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She is catchy – her music, her clothes, her way to interact with the camera – and creepy. She is the daughter of technology, an intricate algorithm made with synthesizers and vocoders. She doesn’t exist except in Facebook and Youtube. Everyone is her friends if it will like her or follow her. Welcome to the new LA phenomenon:  Poppy.

Moriah Rose Pereira, aka Poppy, moved to L.A. to pursue her dream of being an actress/singer. There she met the producer Titanic Sinclair, with she started to publish abstract short videos on Youtube. In 2015 she released her first full length called Everybody Wants to Be Poppy, but after an increased interest on her channel (that started to be uploaded regularly from October of the last year) Poppy recorded her most listened album: Poppy.Computer.

It is definitely a new underground pop icon. The entire package is amazing and artistically ingenious. Outside Youtube, Poppy appears in TV shows playing the character she built between the waves of Internet. Her look is between the good girl and a Warhol  masterpiece. A new Lady Gaga still not ruined by the music business.

What about the music? Poppy doesn’t bring anything new to the table, she uses the same beats, sounds and rhythms that are popular, or were popular some years ago. Music is not really what we should take in consideration about her, but the movies.

In her Youtube channel Poppy basically talks non-sense, quoting topics as Facebook, Iphone, dogs, cults, … there is no general connection between the videos, except the fact that have no sense. The background of the ambient music should make, together with the pastel colors of the scene, a sense of peace, but it seems we are more in front of a David Lynch‘s work then a nice young vlogger channel.

At this time Poppy is touring with her new album and is gaining fame on TV, but she still keeps her weird aura. Except this, is the proof that also in pop music we can still have creativity and originality, even if without billions behind. It just needs a cool idea.

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