If there is something I like about summer, are festivals. But be careful about: not every festival is the same. Of course, you can find most of the time good people and amazing vibes, probably nice weather and certainly expensive beer, but there are some differences that can transform a good festival into an amazing one.

This is the case of Brutal Assault, a festival that runs every year in Jaroměř, not so far from the Czech city of Prague, at the beginning of August. Specifically, for their 23th edition, the 3-days-gathering will take place from 8th to 11th.

I have been into this festival quite a while and I can tell you that (outside Germany) is the my favorite . The first reason is always the line-up, particular and interesting. The second is the management of the facilities, considering that the offer is not just related to concerts but switch to different kind of arts. The third is quite simple – East Europe is quite affordable to be visited.


Below you can hear the different artists that will join this year the festival. Above all: At the Gates, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Ministry and Sepultura.


As I said before, Brutal Assault is not just music: during the festival is possible to chill-out at the Horror Cinema House, watching some of the coolest horror movies, old and new; visit art exhibitions of artists directly or indirectly connected to the metal world; and at the end, do shopping at the stands around the stage areas.

Brutal Assault is a festival that worth to be seen once in life, even just to capture the atmosphere. It is not just because of the flows of metalheads coming from all Europe, but thanks also to the fantastic local people that every year help to make this meeting even bigger and more amazing. A relaxing atmosphere, good music: what do you need more?


All the photos are property of the festival