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During the Complexity Fest I had the wish to interview Asger Mygind about his project VOLA – an interesting progressive voice of epic crescendo atmospheres embellished in perfect musical structures. Since a lot is coming for the danish band – among the others, the Euroblast in October – I wanted to know more about the VOLA‘s philosophy, a little bit of the band history and his thoughts about the future.

First question is the thing I like to ask to all bands; which is the meaning of VOLA?

Well, the word itself means “to fly” in Italian, and that is why we took it. It is short, is easy to remember, and it sounds pretty neutral – you can’t guess from it which genre we play. In the chorus of our songs we try to create an atmosphere of elevation and make it as big as possible. This is something we want to share with the public not just with our name, but also with our music. We consider success if the public feels it.

I found a really nice statement in the Bio of VOLA website that is quite connected to what you have just said. ” […] is that the music can change the physical state you’re in. It’s not just sound reaching your ears. It’s a force of a larger scale. There is nothing like a big chorus that suddenly opens up and elevates your body to the point where it almost feels like you levitate from the floor”. You were talking about share something with the audience, but what is the most important for you: give them this feeling or prove it yourself while playing your music?

The main reason why we play is that we are the best in what we do; I grew up playing drums and then guitar, and it feels pretty natural to me writing my own songs. I was always surrounded by music, I listened a lot of The Beatles, from which I took the “pop-ish” melodies that you can listen in the VOLA style, and this is also why I am attracted to catchy choruses, and also I was really into Swedish bands as Messuggah, Soilwork and In Flames during my teens, from which the heaviness of our music is coming from. I put all these different influences of myself in my music, making VOLA capable to marry melodic and heavy stuffs, creating a balance that makes me feel right.

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Well, actually is pretty obvious for your fanbase that you guys are inspired by Messuggah, but is nice to hear from you that you took from such a classic as The Beatles are…

Yes, The Beatles is the main influence in this sense, but I also like Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and King Crimson, from a progressive point of view.

In 2018 you will release the new album. Can you give us some insights?

Last March we started to write the songs for the album and it will be recorded  in September. We liked the idea of having a more rock sound and bit less complex structures, and the rhythm is less Messuggah style. Guitars have less gain and drums are more organic, more natural, songs are a bit shorter…I need to say that there would be some important changes in this album respect to what we did in the past.

Why songs are shorter?

I don’ t know…even if I was influenced by Pink Floyd, that did exactly the opposite, sometimes I really appreciate the shortness. It is true that a long song can be seen as a long journey, however I like the idea to have shorter ones and more focused to one specific point.

VOLA was officially born in 2008. In these 10 years you have released 2 EPs and 1 album. Why your production is so small even if you really put efforts in making music?

VOLA is my main project but I also do some mixing and producing. I work for television and cinema and if I get the chance I would like be more involved in these businesses, but my biggest goal is to success with VOLA. We developed so much since the beginning, finding sound that points specific to us but at the same time is exploring new ways, making every album particular as itself. We still have a lot to experiment, and we can’t wait to do it.

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