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I must admit that the first time I have heard about this peculiar guy was during the VICE documentary One Man Band,  in which he explains his music and how it was connected with his existence. I searched information about him, and I discovered his impressive career into Depressive Black Metal, but also how tormented is his life.

Jef Whitehead continues to make the scene talking about him, releasing The First Sublevel of Suicide, a compilation of the well-known The Tenth Sublevel of Suicide from 2002. In this compilation Leviathan is raw and thoughtful, spiritual and decadent, quiet and chaotic. You can hear despair in most of his album, infinity rage, a connection with the evil; however there are surprisingly moment of peace and acceptance.


Leviathan style is mostly instrumental, as the best depressive black metal tradition, but with some screams and howls – this is quite particular for the genre. The vocals are made to point out the madness that surrounds the all concept, a dark world of fear or desolation, in which hope is not even possible to conceive.

After three years of inactivity, in which Leviathan project was considered closed, Jef come back in 2011 with a full length and he never stopped since then. The First Sublevel of Suicide is just a reminder that his prolific mind is continuously elaborating new way to express the most black and inhuman hate.


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