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Music is the way of humanity expresses itself. It was for century the core of every important social event, capable to give joy or relief to thousands of people during the century. It is interesting to see how the different style impacted to the local culture in a precise time of the history, as trying to resolve a complicate puzzle of humankind.

Calypso was a genre born during the 19th century in South America, more exactly in Trinidad and Tobago. As the voice of the slaves imported as worker in sugar plantations, it developed from a wonderful rainbow of roots, as Jamaican folk music or sings in French.

Calypso became pretty popular during from the 30s to the 50s, when Harry Belafonte decided to remake the reggae Banana Boat Song:

Today the genre became highly underground, but it still has the beautiful warming harmony of its homeland, although it collected different influences during the way.


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