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One of the thing I like to read on Internet at the end of the year are the the lists of the best (or worst) albums related to a particular genre or topic. I like it because they say a lot about which kind of music the public is listening, or which concepts are becoming “cool” of “fashion”. It permits me to understand which direction a particular wave is evolving and if I like it or not. As I believe people who read this webzine know, music is interesting because is changing and is reflecting somehow the development of the world around us.

I found this nice list of the best independent Noise pop album on the Shoegazer Alive 9‘s blog. I quite agree with the author of the post, however I would like to give my personal priorities and comments about the albums below. From the fifth to the first (the best) album of independent Noise pop in 2017.

5. Las Robertas – Waves of the New

Las Robertas is a female-fronted band from Costa Rica. In the Waves of the New you can fill chill out vibes and feeling the warm breeze of the beach:

4. When Nalda Became Punk – Those Words Broke Our Hearts

Female voices mixed with a slow happy and colorful punk. Not for mistake the band is called When Nalda Became Punk. No worries, no anger, just a linear tempo and a quiet easy guitar line.

3. Hollow Mask – Survive in Disguise

Hollow Mask is a raw lo-fi duo from Bristol. They stick to few good ideas, without loosing themselves in useless riffs. Minimalists.

2. Fun With Ether – Tanned Skin, Light Eyes

Shoegaze atmosphere into this Tanned Skin, Light Eyes, but we don’t miss some roughness moments into this ethereal sound.

1.SWAY – Michael Phelps Of The Ocean & Planet Earth

Only project on the list with a male voice on the microphone, SWAY is bringing us into a world of eternal sunshine and positive mindset.

Are there any other album that should be counted into the list? Write a comment below.

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