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Leprous are here, finally. It was a long time I was waiting something new from them, and to be honest I was quite frustrated, since I saw them 2-3 times after a long time that the promotional tour of The Congregation was done. But this year, while I was participating at the BeProg!MyFriend in Barcelona, I heard from the first time From the Flames and I realized from the advertisement that – yes – is finally the time.


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Malina is a almost full hour of Leprous style. Thumbs up for Bonneville, that has to do the hardest thing to involve the listener to the rest of the work. We can discuss about the risky idea of start with a peaceful atmosphere, instead to – let’s say – launch the bomb with a very rhythmic and powerful piece, but I like reckless idea. This song is so soft and dreamful, that it detaches from the rest of the album. Something to notice, the reprise of Echo at the end of the song.

I am quite surprised how mature and professional became this band, without losing passion and creativity.

Particular mention is From the Flames, first single of the album. I would like to take this song as a representation of Malina; I am quite surprise how mature and professional became this band, without losing passion and creativity. I consider Leprous one of the best band of our era, and pieces as From the Flames just highlight this assumption: a tension that always increase during the succession of the refrains, kept under control by the exquisite tempo of the verses.

To be honest, I think that an album as Malina could have released much more time early, since we do not see real original change in the composition; however, we can see that Leprous once again exceeded our expectations and gave us something to go to see live for another couple of years.

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