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The Underground panorama is full of good artists, I believe the people read these pages already know. That is why I try with Pandemia to bring the most inspiring and well-created music on a stage, and of course I am doing it just following my personal taste. This does not mean that Pandemia is covering all the good music forgotten by mainstream channels, but it still is giving some of them another chance to shine.


Speaking about shining, Black Soma musically glows. It is quite funny in my opinion that Dennis Huddleston, the creator of the 36’s project, is using the word black in the name of each track of the album. When you listen to his music you can literally see an explosion of colors moving under the eyelids, mixing to each other in a never ending dance.

Black Soma is melancholic, but at the same time full of hope.

After 8 years of production under 36 project Dennis wanted to create something based on real slow sound-enriched loops as another definition of his ambient. There are no pre-defined rules in his projects, and he constantly shows it do it a meaningful music. Song after song, Black Soma gives a sense of peace, leading into a deep space meditation into slow opening dark note and echoing melody. Melancholic, but at the same time full of hope.

Personally I consider music as a vehicle of messages and perception. Music creates feelings, and when it does not, is just a good hands-on exercise. In this case, 36 shows that melody can create different perceptions in your mind, not even following the standard structure of a song but just composing by following its creativity.

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