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The more I get older, the more I am picky. I remember when I started to visit big festivals, and I can still feel how much I was excited, thinking about to gather thousands of people with the same passion in music and see my favourite bands play live. After 10 years I lost a little this excitement, but I can’t deny I am still in love with the idea to go and see music live, that gives me still a lot of feelings.

I have seen more or less all my favorite bands (except Type O’ Negative, one of my biggest disappointment) but I continue to go to concerts searching new sounds that capture me. That is why I decided to join at least one of the three days of the German progressive festival Euroblast. The gathering is at its 13th years, and for this edition has counted as headliners Textures, Twelve Foot Ninja and the master Devin Townsend. The success of the Euroblast is based on the fact that the most important bands for avant-garde progressive metal reunites here, and particularly we can see a defined pattern in the roster, considering the fact that bands like Textures and TesseracT are participating quite often.

It was ages that I wanted to check how good is and finally, on Saturday, I picked up my ticket and I arrived at the place just before Car Bomb started. This mathcore band has something to teach, since they have quite a long career, and it can be easily seen when they performed on the stage. However, they do not have a powerful impact, even if their music is performing quite good on stage. Michael Dafferner has an easy going way to growl, but he should totally forget clean parts, much better when modified on studio. Anyway, is not a real faking, since his strength is the scream, as it should be in the genre. The band is quite solid and the show had a good impact, even if sometimes the distortion was disappearing in the hall. The only point that I would like to challenge them is that they could give more for involving the public…


Let’s go further. I reached, under the Essigfabrik, the entrance of the Elektroküche, another important place for the nightlife of Cologne. The idea to use the near club to guest the festival is really good, however a concert is starting just after the other, and it is difficult to someone to grab a beer or smoke a cigarette when you really want to see the end of a concert and the start of the next. In the Elektroküche I see The Interbeing, a Cyber but still Progressive band from Denmark, that do not impress me, since I never stood this genre, however there is an improvement in the public involvement, since a small group of people in front of the stage seems to support the band from a long time, and they also started an idiotic crowd surfing, considering that the ceiling is very low and the club is basically a basement.


The Interbeing closed the show announcing to be in tour with Twelve Foot Ninja in that period, and they played immediately after them at the main stage. Twelve Foot Ninja is one of the most brilliant thing that I saw in music: never I would have imagined  it can be possible to mix djent with reggae or funk style, but with them I realized that it really works and very well. The result is to see a lot of people enjoying the music dancing, something that normally don’t happen in a metal concert. But this is what I liked of Euroblast: is not afraid to cross the border, because the limits are not included in a genre as Progressive is.


It was a pity not to see Devin Townsend the day after. I really like Essigfabrik as venue and the yearly booking plan is always great. I will definitely will come back the next year to see which new experimental bands are coming up, and -why not- discover again bands as Monuments on the main stage.


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