IGORRR | Savage Sinusoid

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Project: Igorrr

Album name: Savage Sinusoid

Release date: 16th April 2016

Label: Metal Blade Records


It took five years to see a brand new full length by the musician Gautier Serre, but finally here we have Savage Sinusoid ready and currently on tour in Europe. Maybe the complexity of the work is the reason why the developing time was so long: the result of this is the Igorrr became a stronger and better shaped project, where all the musicians that join have the full freedom to express themselves without caring about genre borders. As Serre said, his main purpose is to play the music that feels he wants to express, without caring about which classification follows.


It is a bit complicated, so, to describe Savage Sinusoid in a general way. Since there are so many influences, the only word I can use to give an overview is complexity. The mosaic of the composition doesn’t follow any pre-build patterns, not in the songs or in the order of the songs, but is just put together in the best aesthetic way the author decided to arrange.

The beauty of Igorrr works is the unpredictability, followed by the taste of the sounds. The synthetic sounds of the computers are originally mixed with more classical, as violins, guitars or even the accordion, to bind together peaceful harmonies that suddenly explodes in a quantic dark energy. Everything happens so quick, that the listener cannot even process what is having that is push in another dimension, and so on and so on. It is quite chaotic, but it permits to reach a sort of obscure meditation, a transcendent experience.


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